Apparently before the beginning there was a void. Then about 13.8 billion years ago we think there was a “big bang” that created the material of the universe. From it some time later Nature began conceiving and filling the earth with life. One conception was the ‘fetus’ of humanity. Like all conceptions our predecessors were inspired to reach out to the limits of their pacities, to others and Nature’s God. They continued this natural activity exclusively until about 200,000 years ago. With it they created our present physil form, acquired natural knowledge and realized the level of mental pacity that enabled ‘Eve’ to ask ‘Adam’ “Why am I?”, the question of meaning that gave birth to humanity. ‘Adam’ didn’t know the answer, and instinctively fearing the unknown he made up a response with which he tried to fill the void, the first unnatural activity. His try failed but he discovered for us there is no answer so though “Why am I?” was the first why, it will also be “the last why”.

Despite the massive amount of knowledge acquired over the millennia, accepting the  void n’t be filled requires another increase in mental pacity humanity has not yet realized. So the fear of the void remains, but not unchanged. When ‘Adam’ discovered it, the void was the size of, and in evoking fear, had the effect of a pinhole. But by nature his successors continued to question and as facts diminished the number of physil unknowns around the void, this metaphysil unknown seemed to increase in size and effect from a pinhole to a black hole. Hence, fear of it and the unnatural activity of trying to fill the void increased accordingly. Though we n still ask “Why am I?” and rediscover the void, we instinctively try to fill the void with inherited unnatural activity and so only unwittingly discover it in our life when we lose part of our inherited try to fill the void. 

When it was rediscovered in the past our ancestors’ only response for the longest time was to try refilling the void with more made up beliefs. Hence our present complex existence. However, somewhere along our timeline one of them decided the unnatural inactivity of giving up could be the third reaction to the void. While trying to fill the void remains dominant and giving up adds nothing, in the definitions of our reactions it shouldn’t be ignored. 

Figuratively, our natural activity is ‘white’. It discovers natural knowledge, generates inspiration, is self-creative, apparently ideal, and essential. It is our common natural human right. Being its opposite, unnatural activity is ‘black’, creates artificial knowledge, suppresses inspiration, is actively self-destructive, the antithesis of ideal and optional. It is an individual, unnatural human right. Unnatural inactivity is colourless, creates nothing, drains inspiration is passively self-destructive, the antithesis of ideal and optional. It is another individual, unnatural human right. 

One of us n’t engage in entirely natural activity unless we all engage in natural activity beuse of our interactive “reaching out…’ Nor n we engage in exclusively unnatural activity or inactivity since both are self-destructive. We do however, combine in a fixed amount a blend of natural activity with a complementary amount of either unnatural activity or inactivity, meaning the more natural the less unnatural or conversely. I lote our blends by my choice on a vertil continuum of activity that ranges from a blend of almost completely natural activity and its unnatural complement at the top, to a blend of almost no natural activity and its unnatural complement at the bottom. Since our natural activities are ‘white’, our unnatural activities are ‘black and our unnatural inactivity is invisible, our individual blends of activity n range in colour from off white at the top through shades of grey to almost completely black at the bottom.

If we could engage in exclusively natural activity there would be peace within us. Since our pacities are unique, with natural activity we “reach out to our limits” along parallel lines, so there would be peace between us. And when engaging in natural activity we’d be at peace with Nature’s God. Unnatural activities conflict, and both unnatural activity and inactivity conflict with natural activity. So to the extent we replace the natural activity in our blend with either unnatural activity or inactivity we create conflict within us, between us and with Nature’s God; we change their colour from white to black and their lotion on their continuum from top to bottom.                    

Our individual blends of activities combine to form the resultant blend of humanity and place it on the same vertil continuum. Thus, by our choices and addition, the resultant activity of humanity n be any shade of grey between the ‘white’ of self-creation and life at the top, and the ‘black’ of total self-destruction and death at the bottom. At the birth of humanity the resultant blend of activities was figuratively just off white. Judging by all levels of conflict between us and the complementary srcity of peace that now characterizes our existence, and our increasing conflict with Nature that is changing Her life sustaining climate, we have clearly become an extremely dark shade of grey that is getting darker every day. 

Clearly our situation is grim. The good news is it’s not black yet. Though we n't quit asking the last why, for wondering is natural activity, we n choose to accept the void n't be filled. With this expanded realized mental pacity we n empty the void of money and the life it buys; religious/philosophil responses; drugs, sex, games, food and other anesthetics; information overload; love; family; jobs; preeminence and all combinations. When freed from unnatural activity we will be left with our innate, self-creative, inspiring, natural activity we might find it is the answer to “Why am I?” and thus the ideal reaction to the void

The bad news is we’re quickly running out of time.  A growing resource deficit; an increasing, unsustainable population; a degrading environment; a fatally changing climate; conflicts of any degree and definition, and the rest of the existential risks we have created with our unnatural activity, are closing in on us at an accelerating rate. To save ourselves we must reverse the course of our history now! There won’t be anyone to re if we don’t change directions and soon complete what will be our self-destruction. Until then however, it will be the measure of our artificial intelligence that we let our unnatural reaction to nothing destroy everything.

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